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21 September 2015

Chapter 1: The World's Most Expensive Page Turners

The weekend's over, and that means time to snuggle up in a chair paging through adventure, romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror, or wherever the mood takes you. While the world may be moving towards electronic readers and apps, actual books are still very much in demand - and for very high prices too. One only has to look at a list of the most expensive books ever sold to see that if you're a book lover and want to get your hands on a rare first edition, you'll have to win a serious lotto jackpot first!

The Bay Psalm Book - $30 million

How valuable could a small book of psalms really be? Very valuable indeed as it turns out - if the book in question happens to be the Bay Psalm Book. Translated and produced by the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay, the first edition of the Bay Psalm book was printed in 1640, and ran to just 11 copies. If you had won $15 - 30 million on the lotto, you could have bid for one when it went up for auction at Sotheby's recently. A little more pricy than your average whodunit, but immensely rewarding all the same.

The Bay Psalm Book

The Gutenberg Bible - unknown value

You'll have to win an absolute fortune to be able to afford an entire Gutenberg Bible - especially as one single page from the world's oldest printed book will set you back a whopping £50,000. Multiply that by hundreds and hundreds of pages, and you'll start to see just how priceless a complete version of this 1455 book would be.

The Gutenberg Bible

Shakespeare's First Folio - $6 million

In its original printing in 1623 it was known as "Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies". Today, however this priceless volume is known as "The First Folio" - the first edition of Shakespeare's collected works. Published seven years after his death, The First Folio remains one of the most loved and reprinted works in English Literature, with a first edition copy worth £4 - 5 million. Lotto jackpot, lotto jackpot, wherefore art thou, lotto jackpot?

Shakespeares First Folio

The Codex Leicester - $30 million

If you're a man who has everything, what more could you possibly need? Well, if you're Bill Gates, and you have an unlimited fortune to your name, you need to buy one of the world's most rare and sought-after books - the Codex Leicester, by Leonardo da Vinci. A collection of scientific findings and treatises, the Codex is the most valuable of all Da Vinci's works, which explains why it made a $30 million dent in Bill Gates' bank account when he purchased it in 1994.

The Codex Leicester

Whether you're a first edition or a Fifty Shades of Grey kind of person, filling your library with fascinating books is far easier when you have a lottery jackpot to play with. So if you want to fill your leisure time with volumes of knowledge and escapism, fill your bank account with lotto winnings first - courtesy of an online lottery ticket from

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