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11 May 2017

Celebrities Who Have Had Their Live's Changed By The Lotto

It’s not only us normal, everyday folk that like trying our chances at hitting those multi-million jackpots; celebrities do it too! They don’t let their million dollar bank accounts stop them from chasing the lotto winners dream, celebrities and other famous people from across the world pick their numbers and wait patiently for the weekly draws. Here are a few celebrities who play the lotto:

George Clooney might be one of the wealthiest men in Hollywood, but that didn’t stop him from trying his chances at the SuperEnaLotto. The leading man once 1000 tickets in the hope of hitting the jackpot and donating it to earthquake relief in Haiti.

Along with George Clooney, close friend Elizabeth Hurley also bought 500 SuperEnaLotto tickets in the hope of donating to the same earthquake relief fund.

hugh jackman

Australian actor and star of the Wolverine franchise Hugh Jackman once spent a hefty sum on lottery tickets while working on a film. He bought 500 lottery tickets for every person on the production team after he realised he could not remember a single one of their names. “I say it’s an Australian tradition, but it’s not,” teased Jackman. “It’s my way of paying taxes.”

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, not only plays the lottery but has also been a winner on more than one occasion. During a tour of Europe in 2012 Madonna she purchased 100 SuperEnaLotto tickets and won a second-tier prize of €120,000 that she donated toward the building of schools in poverty stricken Malawi.

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe may have just awarded himself and his cabinet a hefty pay increase, but he was also the winner of the Zimbabwean National Lottery in 2000. The controversial president won a 100,000 Zimbabwean Dollar prize, which is equivalent to around $2,600.

simon cowell2

Even though Simon Cowell is one of the wealthiest men in the United Kingdom, that doesn’t stop him from regularly playing in the lotto. When asked if he thought he’d ever have enough money he responded with, “I still buy lottery tickets, I still play.” He does admit that he chooses to remain anonymous when playing so we’d never know if he wins big, or even if he’s hit the jackpot before!

He might be one of the highest paid football players of all time, but that doesn’t stop Wayne Rooney from regularly buying lotto tickets! With an estimated net worth of £80 million, and a weekly wage of £260 thousand he could potentially buy thousands of tickets at a time, but he actually only buys a few tickets for every draw.

paris hilton

Socialite Paris Hilton has also been known to have a go at the SuperEnaLotto. Back in 2008 the reality star purchased was spotted buying 1500 SuperEnaLotto tickets in Italy, promising to donate 10% to a charity if she won.

NBA star Chris Singleton made a investment when he bought a whopping $10,000 worth of Mega Millions lottery tickets. He said that he would either spend the money on lottery tickets or he would probably be “blowin it in the clubs”, we’re glad he chose the sensible option!

Just months after filing for bankruptcy, rapper 50 Cent came close to hitting the jackpot on a Powerball draw. He managed to pick 3 of the 5 winning numbers, missing out on the $900 million jackpot by not much.

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