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17 March 2016

Celebrate St Patrick's Day With A 30% Irish Lottery Discount!

Do you know what day tomorrow is? What unofficial holiday falls on 17 March? And what event partygoers across the world will be celebrating? If you guessed St Patrick's Day right off the bat, you're probably already dressed in green from head to toe, just waiting to have a good time. Are we right?

saint patricks day

If you are, we don't blame you - that's because St Patrick's Day is known all around the world as a day for all-out, unforgettable epic celebrations, whether you're Irish or not. In fact, these days most people partying on St Patrick's Day have very little connection to Ireland - that's because over the years 17 March has become less about recognising St Patrick himself, and more about recognising the need to bond with friends and loved ones. And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, at we thought it presented a fabulous opportunity to test your general knowledge -and to give you an amazing special offer at the same time!

Take our special St Patrick's Day quiz below, and if you make it all the way through, you'll find an exclusive bonus waiting for you at the bottom!

1. What exactly is the feast of St Patrick meant to celebrate?

Held annually on 17 March, St Patrick's Day is a commemoration of the traditional death date of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, as well as the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

2. Where was St Patrick born?

Believe it or not, St Patrick wasn't born in Ireland, but rather in Great Britain, or Roman Britain, as it was previously known.

3. When did St Patrick live?

While exact dates cannot be confirmed, St Patrick is thought to have lived c. AD 385–461

4. How is St Patrick's Day celebrated?

Recognised as both a religious and a cultural celebration, St Patrick's Day is acknowledged in a number of different ways around the world, from the wearing of green clothes and shamrocks to the enjoyment of parades and festivals, and even in the dyeing of national landmarks green, most notably the annual dyeing of the Chicago River - a truly spectacular sight.

chicago river on st patricks day

5. Which countries celebrate St Patrick's Day?

While 17 March is an official public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, it is also widely celebrated by Irish immigrants across the globe, from the USA to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, and even Argentina.

6. What is 'drowning the shamrock'?

A traditional St Patrick's Day celebration, 'drowning the shamrock' involves putting a shamrock at the bottom of a glass, filling it with beer or whiskey, then drinking it down in a toast to St Patrick. The shamrock is then either swallowed at the same time, or taken out afterwards and thrown over the shoulder for good luck.

Drowning the shamrock

Made it all the way through? Good for you! And well done if you got even one of our quiz questions correct - we had to look them all up!

Now for the best part - your special St Patrick's Day prize! And it's not just any prize - it's a fantastic 30% saving on all Irish Lottery tickets for 17 March ONLY! With a discount as amazing as that, just think of how many more tickets you could afford to buy - and how many more winning chances you could enjoy as well!

So don't miss out - you've only got 24 hours to enjoy the luck of the Irish and fantastic savings from! Buy your tickets before time runs out, claim your 30% discount, and make this St Patrick's Day one you'll remember forever, thanks to the Irish Lottery and Sláinte! 


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