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04 April 2017


It may be taking its time to get here (which we're fine with) but winter is most definitely on its way to the southern hemisphere. And while everyone else is bundling up in greys, blacks and beiges, this is your time to shine - particularly if you're wearing one of these glittering pieces:

Tiffany Bracelet

You can't talk jewelry without talking Tiffany's - and this bracelet is all anyone will be talking about when they see you with it! A glorious reimagining of palm fronds, this piece from Tiffany & Co's Blue Book Collection is a wondrous celebration of spring, delicately embracing your wrist with lustrous green tsavorites and yellow sapphires. Pair it with a neutral color and let those gemstones shine!

Suzanne Syz "Heartbreaker" Earrings

You already know you're a heartbreaker, but everyone else will too when you don this gorgeous pair of sparklers! The latest creation from Suzanne Syz, this divine duo of hand-crafted peridot leaves swinging from mandarin garnets will leave your friends green with envy. Forget wintry blusters and showers of rain - you'll have a spring in your step every time you show off these stylish accessories.

John Hardy "Love" Bracelet

Show off your love for all things exquisite with this one-of-a-kind John Hardy bracelet, hand-crafted from the finest turquoise, tourmaline and white moonstone. Part of the Cinta collection, taken from the Balinese word for "love", this bracelet is the epitome of springtime bliss, bringing lightness and brightness to dull winter days.


Roberto Coin Ring

Gardens usually go into hibernation over winter - but not if you're wearing part of Roberto Coin's Garden Collection, a vibrant assortment of jewelry designed to capture springtime and bring it to life. Show off your own gemstone garden with this lavish piece - a morganite stone clustered with caterpillars, butterflies and berries for true enchantment and wonder.


Margot McKinney Cuff

Springtime doesn't have to be all about bright colors - sometimes it can be about simplicity and clean lines too. That's exactly what this gorgeous ebony cuff from Margot McKinney evokes, with its minimalist modern look, cacholong blossoms and white diamonds. Offset it with a colorful ensemble and you'll banish all of winter's gloom in an instant!

It goes without saying that while these pieces are gorgeous in their craftsmanship and attention to detail, they're not cheap - so if you want to sparkle all winter long, you'll need the bank balance to make it happen. Luckily that's what Giant Lottos is here for, to help you make all your dreams of fame, fortune and luxury come true. Simply choose your favorite international lottery, choose your numbers, and your bank account could soon be spilling over with millions - enough to buy you every glittering jewelry piece you could possibly want, and more. All it takes is one lotto ticket, one lucky number combination, and you could soon be living one charmed life. Good luck!  

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