Bond Repayments Or Bugattis - How Would You Spend Your Lotto Winnings?

Ah, winning the lottery, hitting that multi-million jackpot, watching a string of zeroes pour into our bank accounts. We've daydreamed about that moment so many times, we know exactly what we'd do with our new-found fortune, right down to the last cent. Some sensible things, some fabulous things, and of course, some completely off-the-wall things. Because if not, why not!

As it turns out, however, not all lotto winners are as crazy as us when it comes to spending their jackpot cash - in fact, some are so relaxed about their winnings you'd hardly think they'd hit the big one in the first place. And when it comes to laid-back winners, it seems that New Zealand is home to most of them, if recent reports are anything to go by.

Kiwi lotto winners play it safe

While most of us would splurge on fancy homes and fast cars, a recent article on New Zealand lotto winners' behaviour reveals that Kiwi winners are more relaxed than most, in many cases living the same lives after their wins as before.

According to Mindworks registered psychologist, Sara Chatwin, New Zealand lotto winners prefer to "sit and mull over it", paying off outstanding debts and mortgages first, rather than splashing out on over-the-top luxury items.

"New Zealand is not necessarily the body of excess,” says Chatwin. "In terms of international status, we wouldn't be as extravagant and out there."

Lotto spokeswoman, Kirsten Robinson, agrees: "Winners here are really down-to-earth and sensible,” Robinson said. "It's a key part of who New Zealanders are. They like their life, they like it the way it is."

One only has to look at the behaviour of Kiwi lotto winners to see how true this sentiment is. Take for instance the example of a family from Tauranga who won $7.1 million on the lottery. Instead of buying champagne for all and sundry and celebrating with a display of excess, they chose to mark their win with a meal of fish and chips on the beach. Humble? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely!

Of course for every rule there's an exception, like New Zealander Trevor Cooper, who broadcast his $27 million win to the media before investing in property, a mansion, and off-road buggies. But it seems by and large that Kiwi winners are more interested in investments and savings than Learjets and French chateaux. Which is why statistically speaking, they're more likely to hold onto their winnings in the long run, rather than spending them all in a relatively short space of time.

Lottery Winner Trevor Cooper

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