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24 November 2017

Big Changes Coming To The UK National Lottery Next Year

Camelot, the operator for the UK National Lottery, have announced that they will be making changes to the UK's most popular lottery game some time next year.

Lottery players in the UK can look forward to some big changes to their favourite lotto games, according to lottery provider Camelot. These changes are the first that Camelot are making since 2015, when they increased the number range of lotto balls from 49 to 59. While there are no details as to what they changes will be, Camelot have said that they will be striving to give players "a better winning experience" without needing to make adjustments to the "price or number matrix". 

Camelot also plans on positioning the EuroMillions, Thunderball and Lotto as distinct products to appeal to different players. The changes are being made with "prizes and prices to suit different needs and pockets", meaning there may a variety of smaller draws offering smaller prizes, but the draws will also take place more frequently.


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