Behind The Scenes: A Look At The Biggest Earners In The NBA

Even if you don't know much about the game of basketball, we're sure you know one thing - that if you're a player in the NBA, you're worth millions! But exactly how many millions - there's the question? We know that being able to accurately throw a ball into a hoop is a hugely valuable skill, but we're curious to know exactly how much we could make if we were to start practising our dunking technique (amongst other things). If the net worth of some of the world's richest ballers is anything to go by, we'll need to start hitting that court pretty soon!

Kobe Bryant - $280 million

Kobe Bryant

As well-known in the tabloids as he is on the courts, Kobe Bryant has been an active member of the NBA ever since he was drafted straight from high school in 1996. A permanent fixture in the LA Lakers ever since then, Bryant has the distinction of being one of the team's most marketable players - a quality that has led him to securing hugely valuable endorsement deals. Add the money from his sponsorships to his NBA contract, and you have a net worth of approximately $280 million - a payday we could only dream of receiving.

LeBron James - $300 million

LeBron James

We're not exactly the world's biggest basketball experts, but even we've heard of LeBron James (and seen him on the silver screen in Trainwreck, opposite Amy Schumer). Drafted out of high school as a first pick in the 2003 NBA draft, LeBron played for his native Ohio in the Cleveland Cavaliers for seven years before controversially moving to Miami Heat in 2010. With a staggering number of endorsements to his name, LeBron has no problem making rent every month, particularly with a net worth of over $300 million.

Magic Johnson - $500 million

Magic Johnson

We're not surprised Earvin Johnson's nickname is Magic, because when it comes to basketball and money, that's exactly the kind of touch he has with both. Sporting one of the most famous names in basketball today, Magic Johnson has an NBA career spanning 13 years, and a list of accolades including 5 NBA championships and three MVP awards - not to mention being part of the team that took Olympic gold in Barcelona in 1992. Thanks to sponsorships and post-NBA partnerships, Johnson has managed to increase his already substantial net worth as a player to a massive $500 million, proving once and for all that there is life after professional basketball.

Michael Jordan - $1 billion

Michael Jordan

Of course Michael Jordan is on this list - as one of the most recognised and celebrated names in the entire NBA, Jordan isn't just the greatest player of all time - he's the richest as well. With a net worth of $1 billion to his name, it's no surprise Jordan holds the title of being the wealthiest player - because aside from being an unsurpassably skilful player, Jordan has proved to be a shrewd businessman as well, securing for himself the highest endorsement deals of any player in the NBA. It's this business savvy combined with his natural talent and hard work that has made Jordan the man he is today - one with a cool $1 billion in his bank account. Guess we'd better get to working on those free throws, and quickly!

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