We all have our own dreams of lotto luxury - spending sprees that only lottery winners can indulge in the minute we hit the big one on the online lottery. If you're a member of, it could happen at any time - just buy your tickets into your choice of online international lottery, and those multi-million jackpots could soon be coming your way!

And as soon as they do, nothing says "I've made it" quite like your own private jet - a must-have for any online lottery millionaire looking to make the neighbours green with envy. And if you do decide that private air travel is the only way to fly, you'll be in good company - because some of the world's best-known businesspeople, sportspeople and celebs are up in the skies too, flying high in their own personal multi-million jets. Nothing like rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous at 30,000 feet!

Win the online lottery and take to the skies

Challenger 600 - $5 million


If you're a fan of author Joyce Meyer, you'll already know how successful this self-help guru is - but did you know her success has propelled her to heights of fame and fortune, in her very own private jet? First the proud owner of a Challenger 600 worth a cool $5 million, and now its replacement, a Gulfstream VI, Joyce Meyer is no stranger to private air travel. Although as an online lottery winner, you'll have a bank account more than big enough to not just keep up with her in the personal jet stakes, but overtake her altogether!

Embraer Legacy 650 - $30 million

LOTTO WINNERS Embraer Legacy 650

Now we're moving up the private jet ladder! In fact you'll have to win a sizable online lottery to keep up with this high flier - but with US lotteries like the Mega Millions up to $194 million for tomorrow night's draw, that shouldn't be a problem. This sleek flying machine belongs to none other than Jackie Chan - a fact you'll understand when you see it painted with China's national colours and Chan's own personal logo. We wonder how many roundhouse kicks he had to do to be able to afford that.

Boeing 757 - $100 million


Now this is boss - taking a commercial airliner and using it for your own private air travel. Not many people in the world could afford such an extravagant purchase - but if you're Donald Trump, you'll have no problem shelling out the millions for this superb aircraft. And neither will you if you play the Powerball this Saturday night, with a huge online lottery jackpot of $138 million up for grabs!

Airbus A380 - $500 Million


Ok even we admit you'd have a hard time coming up with the cash for this one - because instead of an online lottery winner, you'd need to be a Saudi prince to afford it. With a price tag of $500 million, the Airbus A380 may be the most expensive aircraft in the world - and with wall-to-wall gold interiors and even its own lift, we can understand why! Perhaps it would be better to stick to your own regular private jet this time - can you imagine how long it would take to keep all that gold clean?

As you can see, when you're an online lottery winner, the sky's the limit! So start filling your bank account with dollars, pounds and euros, and start playing the lotto at today. Who knows, you could soon be taking off in your very own personal jet, where no-one ever tells you to put your seat back and tray table in the upright position!

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