Australian Man Wins Jackpot Twice After He Buys Identical Tickets

Hitting the jackpot once is enough to change anyone's life forever, but for an Australian man the joy of winning big was doubled after he collected two jackpots after buying identical tickets.

A man from Melbourne has collected $46 million in lottery winnings after scooping the division one prize in the Oz Lotto; twice. The amazing win came after the man unknowingly bought identical tickets for the same draw.

He has chosen to stay anonymous to protect his winnings, but the man bought his winning tickets in a suburb in St Albans, and the other in Melbourne's inner-west part of the city.

The man, who works as a day laborer, was oblivious that he had even won one big jackpot when he was contacted by lottery officials. So when they told him that he had doubled his jackpot he was completely shocked.

“You’re kidding, I’m speechless, I can’t believe it, I just finished work for the night.” he told reporters at a news conference when asked how he reacted to the good news. Both of his winning tickets where marked with the same lucky numbers that he had been playing for 30 years.

He went on to say that he plans on spending his winnings on a new home and car, gifting some to his family and of course, he plans on retiring. "I might think about retiring. First maybe a new home or a holiday," the winner said.

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