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21 July 2015

All Aboard The Luxury Express - For A Price

It's a common enough saying - "life is about the journey, not the destination". And when your bank accounts are overflowing with money, you can afford to make the journey a fabulously luxurious one every step of the way.

At least that's what Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is counting on, with the addition of two new routes to their already opulent itinerary of tours - the 100th anniversary of the Trans-Siberian Express railway. Currently, if you have the $16,500 needed for one ticket (gulp) and a burning desire to experience Russia in all its imperial glory, you can choose to travel in style for 12 days across a full quarter of the planet's circumference, and through not one, but eight different time zones. Who knew Russia was so huge?

Full steam ahead for five-star extravagance

Of course, this is no ordinary tour - how could it be with a trip across the longest point-to-point railway in the world? That's why instead of disembarking for such generic trips as a visit to a random market, you'll be invited to participate in exclusive, VIP events, such as a private trip to the Kremlin, a dip in Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake, and a visit to the Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

golden eagle luxury train

Now with the launch of its two new routes in 2016, Golden Eagle Luxury Trains is further expanding on its extravagant travel offering - with a trip across 621 miles of rugged mountain terrain, and along the Amur River, near the Chinese border. Along with these exotic travel locations is the service offered on board the train - en suite cabins staffed with personal attendants, dining cars, a well-stocked bar (a crucial element), Russian language lessons, and vodka tastings. It's opulence that has to be experienced to be believed, and if you have the $15,400 spare for either of the new 12-day trips, it's yours to enjoy in the grandest of Russian style.

Dinner and a show

If you're on board with travelling via train, but not so much around Russia, perhaps this might be more to your liking - an opulent train service between London and Berlin, offering gourmet dining, luxurious accommodation, and a dedicated Champagne bar, serving only the finest Laurent-Perrier Rosé, Taittinger, and Louis Roederer Cristal. It's the famed Venice Simplon-Orient-Express from the Belmond Group, and it's set to offer you an experience to remember, from just (cough cough) $3,432 per person.

Venice Simplon Orient Express

Or if you prefer something more in the way of entertainment, the Belmond Northern Belle might be a better choice, complete with a 1930s cabaret-style show, and a gourmet dinner. Priced from $384 per person, tickets on the Northern Belle guarantee you a singular evening of fine dining and quality service, with departures from selected stations around England.  

Belmond Northern Belle

It just goes to show, if you're in the mood for lavish travel, you can have all the luxury and all the location your heart desires - as long as you've got the cash to pay for it all. Which we most certainly plan on having - once we win the lottery, that is. As soon as we're in the money, we'll also be about the journey, and not just the destination. Until then, however, all we can do is browse glossy travel mags and dream! 



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