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23 February 2018

Why More Affiliates Choose Lotto Over Gambling Or Sports Betting

More and more online affiliates are choosing to promote online lotto services over gambling and other forms of betting; these are the reasons why.

 In recent years an increased amount of affiliates have found their users put much less ethical emphasis on lottery products as opposed to gambling or betting. This is down to the fact that modern internet users associate issues like gambling addiction and online scams far more with gambling or betting than they do with lotto. 

Another reason why more and more affiliates are deciding to promote lotto is that online lotto has a much wider appeal. Online gambling and sports betting only appeal to users who have used gambling or betting services in a brick or mortar setting. But in recent years the online lotto audience has grown to include everyday lotto players, social media users, people who use other online games and casual internet users.

In the past the UK Advertising Standards Authority has clamped down on what they have perceived as unethical advertising practices, including many gambling affiliate advertising platforms. Since this group has clamped down on gambling and betting affiliates many affiliates are making the move to lotto affiliate platforms. 

This is also because of viewpoint expressed earlier; the UK advertising boards view lottery in a more ethically friendly way than what they view gambling or other forms of betting.

Head of Acquisition, Lawerence Wilson, at LottRewards, a major lottery affiliate platform, put his preference for lotto affiliate programs like this; “Compared to casino and sportsbook affiliates, I would say that there is less ethical emphasis. For starters, nobody has ever spent $100,000 on purchasing lottery tickets over the course of a weekend. The truth is that participating in lotteries is not seen, by the vast majority of people, in the same light as having a punt on the ponies or a few rolls of the dice on a craps table."

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