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31 March 2015


How many times have you wanted to do a good deed for a stranger, but just didn't have the cash to help out? Perhaps paying for their parking, when you can see them scrabbling in their wallet for change. Maybe buying the homeless person on the corner a sandwich and a cup of coffee? Paying a row of parking meters when you can see them about to expire? Or even picking up the tab for someone's groceries when they pull out their welfare stamps? We all want to help, but we'd have to win the lotto to be able to afford it!

Well, winning the lotto is exactly what a generous couple from New Zealand did - and performing random acts of kindness for strangers is just what they're planning on doing with their million-dollar windfall.

Sharing the lotto love

After playing the New Zealand Powerball on Saturday, a couple from Auckland became the city's newest millionaires, with a huge $9.1 million lotto win!

"I checked and double checked the lotto numbers over and over again - my mind was whirring", says the husband. "In the end I went into the garden to get some fresh air and collect my thoughts - I just stood there staring at the night sky."

lottery winnings

His wife managed to catch news of the lotto win on the radio while driving home, but had no idea they were the lucky couple in question. "I heard that someone had won $9 million with Lotto and I thought, 'gosh – wouldn't that be nice', then totally forgot about it," she says.

As soon as she arrived home, however, she was cornered by her excited husband who asked her to double-check their lotto numbers, as he was convinced he had been doing it wrong. After checking and re-checking however, it soon became clear - they were Auckland's newest millionaires!

While the couple wishes to remain anonymous, their identity is the only thing they'll be keeping to themselves, as their plans for their millions involve performing random acts of kindness for strangers.

"Every single act is going to be a really special moment - we can't wait to help make other people's lives a little easier", they say. With lotto winners usually more focused on how their winnings will be spent to benefit their own lives, it's a refreshing change, and a wonderfully charitable and generous one too.

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Simply logon to, choose your favourite lottery, choose your lotto numbers, and let Lady Luck do the rest. Who knows - you could soon have all the jackpot winnings you need to perform random acts of kindness for friends, family, neighbours, strangers, and anyone else you think could use a little lotto magic in their lives. Good luck!


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