$980,000 Lottery Jackpot Still Unclaimed In South-Australia

Somewhere out there is a lucky South-Australian lottery player who has managed to win a whopping $980,000 jackpot in a local lottery game; and they might not even know it yet!

Australian lotto players are being urged to double-check their tickets after a single division one prize was left unclaimed following a December 15th draw. The ticket was purchased from a shop in Adelaide.

The draw had four different division one prizes being won, three have been claimed so far with a single prize of $980,000 still to be claimed. Lotto officials and employees at the shop where the ticket was sold are currently hunting for the player.

Apart from the division one winners, there where 62 division two winners in the draw each winning around $8,000; they collected their prizes from an estimated $4 million prize pool.

The winning numbers from the draw are 28, 33, 35, 32, 39 and 23 and the bonus numbers are 5 and 42.

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