Talk about in the nick of time! Remember our story on the missing $50 million Canadian lottery winner that we brought out just yesterday? Well, miraculously the winner has finally been found - and just days before the expiry date on 14 March 2015. That's a close call if we ever saw one!

If you didn't catch our story yesterday, you'll have missed out on the latest buzz in British Columbia, Canada, all over a lottery player who bought a ticket for the Lotto Max draw on 14 March 2014, and amazingly enough, hit the $50 million jackpot! But whereas other winners would have rushed right in, this cagey Canadian kept their win to themselves - down to the wire in fact!

Mystery lottery winner comes forward

For the past 11 months the identity of this lucky Canadian has been a mystery to lotto players the world over, and theories have abounded as to why the player was so reticent to come forward to claim their prize. In fact, the prevailing thought was that they would miss out on their jackpot altogether, realising the truth of their massive win too late, only to find it redistributed amongst lottery prizes and promotions for use in future super draws.

lottery winner found

Now all speculation has been put to rest as the winner has finally stepped forward - and not a moment too soon! We can only guess as to why they've kept the lottery world in the dark as to their identity, but if the experiences of previous lottery winners are anything to go by, we have some idea.

The dark side of lottery winning

When we hear of someone winning the lottery, particularly someone we may know, such as a neighbour, colleague, pub local, school parent, celeb etc, there's obviously a huge amount of excitement at the news, and perhaps a little envy at their massive good fortune too. But once the jackpot-winning euphoria dies down, most of us forget about the story, and go on with our lives as usual.

But for some people, the tinge of envy they may feel at hearing of a person's good fortune doesn't go away - instead it grows into full-blown jealousy, entitlement, resentment, and sometimes even harassment or violence as well. And that's the type of behaviour that new lottery millionaires have to contend with, sometimes to the point of a nervous breakdown.

Just ask Brenda Schley, who was harassed by phone calls and visits from strangers just hours after winning $1.75 million. "It's almost scary," says Brenda, a year after winning her lottery prize. "We had to leave the house for about 10 days because the phone was ringing off the hook."

brenda schley lottery winner

It seems that Schley had it lucky though - not so for a dry cleaner from Chicago, who was poisoned with cyanide mere hours after collecting on a $1 million scratch card jackpot. Or a $30 million lottery winner from Florida, who was found murdered by a woman who befriended him, then killed him, buried him in her back yard, and took control of his fortune.

Hearing stories like these, it's not surprising our most recent Canadian results winner has elected to keep their identity secret for as long as they have. Or perhaps they've chosen the wisest route of all - taking the time to consult with a financial adviser and construct a well-thought-out plan for the division of their new-found assets.

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Whatever the reason behind their 11-month silence, we're glad the winner has finally been found, and we're even more glad that their jackpot has been claimed with time to spare.

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