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08 December 2017

$5.5 Million Lotto Winner Vows To "Give It Back"

A lotto jackpot from New Zealand is still reeling from excitement after he discovered that he had won $5.5 million in a local lottery. But he isn't only planning on spoiling himself with his winnings.

The lucky winner, who has chosen to stay anonymous, bought his winning ticket on a whim while running his weekly errands. He forgot about the ticket until later that night when the drawing was being aired on TV. "I was busy watching a show when I thought, 'I'd better get the Lotto results', so I switched over to +1 to catch the Lotto draw," the winner told a local newspaper.

He then checked his numbers and when he came to the final line he realised that he had won the Powerball First Division jackpot.

Now that the man has confirmed his win and his money is safely in his bank account he can now think on what to do next. At the moment he hasn't decided on any big buys that he intends on making, but he does planning on giving back to family and local charities. "What I do know is that I want to help loved ones and donate to a few rescue services. I was rescued once — so it's important to me to give back," said the anonymous winner. What a great guy!


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