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07 June 2018

£5.4 Million Lotto Winner Is Sure "She'll Win It Again"

Most lotto players would be content with a £5.4 million jackpot in their pocket, but one U.K is sure that she'll hit the jackpot again soon!

Deana Sampson, who bagged a £5.4 million jackpot 22 years ago, said that she knew that she would win after her late brother told her about the win in a dream has said that she has had another "premonition".

Sampson met with the postmistress who sold her the winning ticket 22 years ago and told her, "I know I'll win it again...I think it will be soon, possibly within a year."

She also told news reporters that her first win came at a time when her life was a struggle. Her first husband had recently passed away following a road accident and her younger brother had also passed away two weeks before she bought her winning ticket.

Deana, who now runs a property business, left her "lucky handprint" at the post office where she bought the winning ticket in the hopes that her luck will rub off on current lotto players looking to win that big life-changing jackpot.

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