Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About 49s Irish Lottery Numbers

Everything with lottery comes down to numbers… numbers and dates. If you pick the right numbers, and they've drawn on the right day, the goal of every lotto player is realised. WINNER!

The 49’s lottery games are the most sort after for their great winning odds. Poor odds lotteries like the US Powerball, for example, have 69 main category numbers and 26 bonus ball numbers. That’s a 1 in 292,201,338 of winning a jackpot per play.

Many 49’s players prefer to play for smaller prize games but with much better winning odds. The Irish Lotto has some of the best odds of all. But, picking the right numbers is not enough, you have to know that you’ve won to initiate payment. Don’t laugh, you’ll be surprised how often winnings go unclaimed.

See our “where was the unclaimed lottery ticket bought” article to read all about this very strange phenomenon.

Here, we are going to give you all the information you need to successfully play, win and collect on an Irish lottery result.

In this post you will find:

1. 49s Irish Lottery Numbers Picking Strategy – Best number picking strategies for this high odds lottery

2. Irish Lottery Numbers Results - Where to find them as soon as they are released

3. Draw Dates and times of each draw

About Lottery Odds

The holy grail in lottery odds is the 49’s lotteries. 49’s lotteries are lotto games that have only 49 balls/numbers in the draw. The original 49’s game is the UK 49’s.

This game requires only 6 numbers and a bonus ball to claim the top prize. The interesting thing about the Irish lotto is that it has only 47 balls, 2 balls less than the UK 49’s. You are required to pick 6 numbers, and there is no bonus ball requirement. This all adds up to some great odds.

49s - Irish Lottery Numbers Picking Strategy

Although the Irish Lottery already has some of the best winning odds of any lottery game, there are some tricks and tips that you can use to get even better winning odds.

Use any of the below Irish Lottery number picking strategies next time you play and see your winnings start rolling in today!

Don't use birthdays - A common strategy among lottery players is to use birthdays, or other significant dates, as their lucky numbers. The problem with this strategy is that calendar dates only go up until 31 and the Irish Lotto number pool goes up to 49. Using calendar dates essentially lowers your odds of winning a prize.

Don't use number patterns - Another strategy is picking number patterns such as all odd numbers, all even numbers, combinations of tens, ect. If we analyse past Irish Lottery winning number combinations, there aren't any that have won the jackpot that have had number patterns.

Play consistently - There are many stories about lotto players who did not play only to see their numbers get drawn, and they would miss out on the jackpot! Make sure you play your Irish Lotto numbers every week to maximise your chances at winning.

Don't play recently drawn numbers - If we analyse all the winning number combinations for the Irish Lottery, we can see that there are no two that are the same. Following this you should not play recently drawn number combinations, but rather shake things up and play numbers that are different from those that have been drawn recently.

Play lotteries with better odds - If you're reading this article, then you're already aware of the lottery with the best winning odds! Playing the Irish Lottery means you're playing the lottery with the best winning odds of any lottery game currently available.

Use our SUPA-QP technology for the best odds - The Giant Lottos team have spent countless hours developing a AI-powered tool that helps you pick Irish Lottery numbers which have better odds of being drawn. This tool is free to use for all Giant Lottos registered players, and can be found on the Irish Lottery ticket page.

49s - Irish Lottery Numbers Results

Checking your 49s Irish Lottery results online is quick and easy. Check the Irish Lotto results for recent Irish Lotto draws, as well as historic draws up to a few years back.

The Irish Lottery results consist of six lucky numbers from a number pool of 1-49, and has no bonus number. The results for the Irish Lottery are posted online shortly after the draw has taken place. Match all six of the Irish Lottery numbers, and you will win the jackpot!

Players who have bought tickets for the Irish Lottery will receive an email on the day of the draw confirming their results, and also confirming any winnings they are owed.

The Irish Lotto number results are posted on the same day of the draw shortly after they have been approved by lotto officials, and are then posted online for players to check.

After players have logged into their online Giant Lottos account, they will have access to historic and the latest Irish Lottery results pages.

Check the latest Irish Lottery results now.

Check the historic Irish Lottery results now.

49s - Irish Lottery Number Draws

The Irish Lottery gives you the chance to win in two draws every week, held on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:55 pm GMT. The results are posted online shortly after the draw has taken place.

You can buy tickets for the Irish Lottery draw daily, and ticket sales will close roughly an hour before the draw is scheduled to take place.

The Irish Lottery draw is broadcast live in television every Wednesday and Saturday on the RTE One network. There are also a few radio stations who broadcast the Irish Lottery draws live.

If you have played tickets online, you will receive an email shortly after the Irish Lottery draw confirming the Irish Lottery results, how many numbers you matched and any prizes you may have won.

On the Irish Lottery ticket page you will also find a countdown timer which will let you know when exactly the next Irish Lottery draw is happening and how long you have to buy tickets.

If you decide to play you will have the choice to play three, five, ten or twenty tickets in the upcoming Irish Lottery draw. You will also have the choice to play up to 20 Irish Lottery draws in advance. This is a great way to make sure you never miss another Irish Lottery draw again.

Irish Lottery Odds - Best Lottery Odds

What really sets the Irish Lottery apart from other lotteries is the great winning odds. It may not have the biggest jackpot payouts, but it does have the best winning odds of any lottery currently available.

The reason for the great Irish Lottery winning odds is because it has a smaller number pool when compared to other lotteries. For example; the USA Powerball has a 1-69 number pool, while the Irish Lottery has a 1-47 number pool. You have much better chances at matching winning numbers in the Irish Lottery.

Another factor that gives the Irish Lottery the best winning odds is that there is no bonus ball. Most other lotteries require players to also match the bonus ball in order to win the jackpot, but the Irish Lottery only needs players to match the six main numbers to win the jackpot prize.

Below are the Irish Lottery winning odds for each Irish Lottery prize tier.

6 Numbers 1 in 10,737,573
5 Numbers + Bonus Ball 1 in 1,789,596
5 Numbers 1 in 44,740
4 Numbers + Bonus Ball 1 in 17,896
4 Numbers 1 in 918
3 Numbers + Bonus Ball 1 in 688
3 Numbers 1 in 54
2 Numbers + Bonus Ball 1 in 72


At the end of the day you have one of two choices… do you want to play for some of the biggest jackpots in history but with little chance of actually winning. Or, do you want much, much better odds of winning only with more moderate jackpot prizes? (The largest ever Irish jackpot of €18.9 million was won on 28 June 2008 by a syndicate of 16 colleagues).

Either way, with today’s competitive play you need a strategy of play and a team behind you keeping all your ticket and account information secure.

Giant Lottos is one of the world’s premier online lotto agents that offers its clients discounted tickets, digitised ticket storage, winning alerts and offshore accounts for winnings. You now have all the information you need to play and win one of the world’s best odds lotteries.

If you don’t have an account, you also know where to manually check your… make sure you do it regularly.

If you want us to do all the hard work for you, just register an account with us today and we’ll keep you updated on the results of all your plays.

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