Imagine you've just won the lottery? What's the first thing you'd spend your jackpot money on? Would you buy houses, cars or holidays away? Would you throw caution to the wind, or try to stay as responsible as possible? Would you pay off debts or buy diamond tiaras? The possibilities are limitless!

At GiantLottos.com, we've always found it fascinating to look at what lottery winners spend their new-found riches on. That's why when the UK National Lottery took a look at 20 of its winners, to coincide with its 20th anniversary, we couldn't wait to see what these lucky folk had forked out for.

Some people opened their own businesses:

Deana Sampson, 52, winner of £5,439,681. "I was living in a council house and struggling to survive as a mobile hairdresser when I won. I invested in an online lingerie business and a property portfolio, including a holiday home in Florida. Winning the Lottery completely changed my life. I've made some good investments and am now a lady of leisure, which is lovely."

Roy Gibney, 60, winner of £7,500,000. "When I won I enjoyed all the luxuries you would expect - even featuring my winning lottery numbers on the bottom of my 50 foot swimming pool. I gave up work for 14 years, but I got bored. I started a sheet metal business, and some nights I work from 7 in the evening until 7 in the morning, and I'm fitter and happier than I've been for years."

Some went travelling:

Malcolm Wilkins, 54, winner of £10,166,103. "I went on a cruise around the Mediterranean two months after my win. I was hooked – and I've been on 29 cruises in total, around the world."

Matt Myles, 28, winner of £1,000,000. "When I found out I had won, I went to my work where I was an electrical engineer, and immediately handed in my notice. Two days later, I was on the runway ready to fly to Bali. I flew seven friends to Bali, took my brother Pete to America and three of us flew to Brazil for the World Cup."

Some indulged their need for speed:

Gareth Bull, 43, winner of £40,627,241. "I was a self-employed builder and I only bought a Lottery ticket because a building job was delayed due to bad weather. I bought a new Range Rover Autobiography and a Mercedes 350!"

Mark Brudenell, 50, winner of £916,915. "We were watching TV for the draw when my numbers came up. The very next morning – a Sunday – we went to the local Jaguar showroom. I had a brand new Jaguar by the end of the week."

Others made smaller, yet no less meaningful purchases:

Jackie King, 58, winner of £14,003,369. "My most important buy was a rescue Spaniel, Suki, who is deaf, bald and nine-and-a half. She cost me £100 and that's the best money I've ever spent!"

Thea Bristow, 60, winner of £15,000,000 in July 2004. "The first thing I actually purchased was a Kenwood Chef Food Processor – from Harrods!"

While others went the more unusual, and sometimes downright madcap route:

Sarah Cockings, 31, winner of £3,045,705. "No matter how sensible I am with my winnings, I'll always be known as the person who paid for her two sisters to have breast enlargements. People still stop me in the street and say: 'Are you the girl who bought her sisters the new boobs?"

Dean Allen, 40, winner of £13,861,061. "My most unusual purchase has been two acres of the moon! I bought it on the internet."

And there you have it - some potential ideas for your lottery winnings when the numbers come out in your favour! But whether you see yourself blowing all your winnings on bling, or investing them sensibly in your future, one thing's for sure - you've got to be in it to win it. And that means buying a lottery ticket online from GiantLottos.com and playing your favourite lottery today!


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