Maine Ticket Holder Wins $1.35 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot

This Friday the 13th proved to be the luckiest day ever for one lucky winner in Maine, who won a staggering $1.348 billion in the Mega Millions lottery.

The winning ticket was sold at Hometown Gas & Grill in Lebanon, Maine, marking the first time a Mega Millions jackpot has been won in the state. The winning numbers for the draw were 30, 43, 45, 46, and 61, with Mega Ball number 14. Lottery officials said on Saturday that the ticket holder in the Pine Tree State was the only one to match all six numbers drawn the previous night.

The winner has the option to receive the prize as 30 annual payments over 29 years, or as a lump-sum cash payout valued at $723.5 million. After taxes, the winner will either receive $754 million over 29 years or $404.1 million in cash.

The owner of the store where the winning ticket was purchased is also set to receive a bonus for selling the winning ticket. This is a common practice in the lottery industry, and the store owner should bank $50,000, or a percentage of the jackpot.

The jackpot now resets to a pot of $20 million for the next draw and will keep rolling over until a new Mega Millions winner is crowned.


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