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07 April 2016

1 in 3 Chance To Win The All-New Loteria Nacional Extra Raffle!

Now winning at GiantLottos has an even more international flavour, thanks to the addition of the hugely popular monthly Spanish Raffle - Loteria Nacional Extra!

Get ready to take part in this global raffle sensation every month thanks to the millions of Euros streaming into your bank account!

How does Loteria Nacional Extra work

No stranger to the world of international lotteries, this raffle has been entertaining players for over 200 years with its massive monthly raffle draw, paying out in prizes of €84, €105, or €140 million.

What's more, thanks to its unique ticketing system, the chances of winning on the raffle are 1 in 3 - so the odds of you walking away a winner are better than ever!

Purchase a ticket, and you'll be buying 1 of 100,000 tickets generated specially for each monthly raffle draw, all issued with a special code from 00000-99999.

Each of these raffle tickets is then printed 10 times, and divided into 10 shares for individual purposes.

Loteria Nacional Extra Ticket

We haven't done the maths ourselves, but we have it on good authority that each ten-share ticket holds an unprecedented 37,151 winning combinations.

Add to that the 14 - 16 prize divisions, and your 1 in 3 chance of winning and you'll see exactly why Spanish Raffle has been one of the world's favourite raffles for 200 years!

Loteria Nacional Extra Winner

No need to go to Spain, get your tickets online

Want to get in on the Spanish raffle action? Then you're just in time - because the next draw, will be taking place on Saturday, 9 April 2016.

Play the Loteria Nacional Extra Online

Simply login to your GiantLottos account, purchase your tickets in time for the draw, and you'll be in with a chance to win!

You'll also be able to view your raffle tickets in your transaction history after making your purchase - and if you decide you'd like more entries into the draw, you can go ahead and buy some more.

Just make sure you complete your purchase before the raffle is drawn, and who knows - you could be the one to partner with a huge win!

The next drawing of the Loteria Nacional Extra will take place in May, with a €105 million jackpot up for grabs.

But don't miss your chance to play for a winner right now!

Simply purchase your tickets in time for the upcoming draw, and make it one to remember!

Play Now and Win!

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